What Clients Say About Winnie....

​​​​​​​​​​​​Winnie has just won a winner of the best psychologist in Asia 2022/23 from Asia Prestige Award.
– Winnie is a great counsellor! Her way of communication has touched my heart, so sincere and down to earth. Not only have a found a direction for my career, I’ve also found myself in the process
~~ Sofia Wong

– My true self, hiding underneath the superficial layers all these years with anxiety & depression. After several months working with Winnie, I felt much relieved and could be able to express myself as who I am. My symptoms had gone, and I gained insights about my own dysfunctional patterns and emotions. As a result, problems were solved, tranquillity & energy have been restored as I have never experienced. Thank you so much, Winnie for guiding me through this life transforming experience.
~~ Amber Chan

– Coaching, this is something new to me, alright. I went into the first session with a huge question mark, however, very quickly a light bulb turned on inside my head! Honestly, before I had my coaching with Winnie, I knew very little about coaching and surely thought why on earth anyone would need to be coached. But now I fully recommend coaching to all my friends and family, and of course Winnie is on my priority list! Winnie has an amazing personality and was able to walk me through step by step without a hint of pressure on me. Truly a life transforming experience for me, and funny enough I went to Winnie to help me get out of the rut, now the word “rut” is not in my dictionary anymore.
~~ Steve O’Connel

– Nice person and easy to deal with!! After a couple sessions of counselling, I found my way back and being very positive to face my life. I would say I got hooked already!
~~ Tim

– Proactive, honest, funny, compassionate, insightful, and the right edge, that is what I have to say about Winnie. I’ve had a few coaches before, but Winnie is so different, she has a wide arena of skills helping me deal with my problems, very subtle yet profound. I am now a better person in many areas of my life, all because of my coaching time with her. Thank you very much.
~~ Agnes Chow

– Encouraged, inspired and so alive, that’s how I feel in all my counselling sessions with Winnie.
~~ Kenny

– She uses her heart to really listen and hear me out. With her encouragement and guidance, I am now aware and able to see that there is always two sides to every situation, most importantly, there is always a lesson to be learned in everything that happens. I am truly grateful to have Winnie helped me through. My confidence level is much higher now, everyone around me can sure feel the difference, especially me.
~~ Jasmine

– Winnie’s approach to coaching is professional, sincere, and practical. Her skill sets are vast and integrated. As a senior executive myself, I was amazed and impressed with her communication skills. Her level of commitment and sincere attitude to helping her client is inspiring, if only all coaches are like that. The benefits of coaching are really remarkable when you work with Winnie.
~~ Jonathon Cooks

– It’s been a gift and absolute pleasure to have counselling with Winnie. An investment that I would always cherish. After counseling with Winnie, I took up the courage to present myself with confidence at work as never before, self-esteem is running high. Thank you for making me see that assertiveness and being approachable can mutually occur together with ease.
~~ Sylvia Wong

– Winnie has been very helpful in guiding me to see where the issues lie, put things in perspective and find ways to enhance my life satisfaction. Her insights into people and situations have broadened my horizon. She has made me have a deeper understanding of how different values and needs could explain varied human reactions or choices. I am fortunate to have met her at this critical stage of my life.
~~ Miss A

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