Difference of Counseling & Coaching

Counselling in HK

The below timelines simply explain how counseling and coaching work.

"Counseling" timeline

HK Counsellor
Counseling works on your Past & Now
If, you feel emotions affect you that diminish your present well-being, in aspect of relationships, self-confidence, emotional state (such as, stress problems, anxiety, panic attack, phobia, depression, feeling low, trauma, bereavement, relationship issues, child-rearing, anger problem & personality disorder).
It means Counseling may be for you.

"Couching" timeline​

Coaching in Hong Kong

Coaching works on your Now & Future

If, you get stuck in present situations and need some help to move to a desired outcome, be it about work performance,
career path, or life purpose / goals.
It means coaching may be for you.

You have the key to your future, your happiness, and your authentic self, accessible to you today, Right Now!

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