Is Counseling or Coaching for me?

Chartered Psychologist in Hong Kong
The role of a Counsellor & Coach is to bring out the best of every human, resolve inner conflicts & emotional turmoil, support them to the fullest to enable them to live a more meaningful & happy life.
Checklist for Counselling / Therapy & Coaching. Give yourself a tick for the issues you are experiencing and see which service fits you most. Or maybe a bit of both.

Checklist A :

Abandoned / Loneliness / Being isolated
Anxiety / Panic attack
Sleeping Disturbance
Sex issues
Conflict with people
Being negative
Not being understood
Stuck in relationships / Marriage problem
Difficult in child rearing / Parenting issues
Easily get angry /Anger management
Grief / Lost / Bereavement
Fear of authority
Adjustment issues
Shame / Guilt
Avoidance behavior
Trauma / Flash backs

Checklist B:

Being a people-pleaser
Increase work performance
Want to get promotion
Find a suitable career path
Be more positive
Need a nudge to move forward
Need someone walk with you toward your goal
Need to set up future goals
Deal with difficult people
Lack of motivation & satisfaction
Find out strengths
Find out life goals / purpose

If you find more ticks in Checklist A, you may probably need a Counselling Service, while you have more ticks in Checklist B, you may probably need a Coaching Service. Or call me for a discussion.

If you like to experience what counseling & coaching are about, you are welcome to discuss with me further by just simply click here or call me at 852-6624 6229. The decision is yours.

You have the key to your future, your happiness, and your authentic self, accessible to you today, Right Now!