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Winnie Chiu, Chartered Psychologist (BPS)


          I provide both Counselling & Coaching to people who want a transformation, 

a peace of mind & happiness. - It is a matter of "Choice".       





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Winnie has been awarded "Asia-Pacific Outstanding Professional Award" in Life Coaching






Winnie has recently been shortlisted in the nomination by Medical Livewire Global Awards 2016










Expectation in the Sessions


During the process, your feelings and emotions are encouraged to express as much as you want by focusing on your concerns. Through counselling process, Winnie will help you to identify your problems and gain a better picture of your own internal conflicts, as well as to understand your own feelings and emotional needs, so that your internal resources would be utilized to cope with your problems, and you will be able to learn some new ways dealing with adversity.   It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and is able to help you reaching a positive stance.   Last but not least, your own initiative and ownership for a change are crucial in the process.  It is totally confidential.




Counselling Format & Length

It is a format through face to face or Skype for both individual, or couple.  
Based on individual situation, you may need as several sessions, or a regular number of session throughout weeks or months.  Length of every session is 1 hour.  In order to have a full hour session, It is also important to be punctual for your scheduled appointment. 
24 Hour Policy of Change of Booking 
For any changes of appointment, please do inform us AT LEAST 24 hours in advance before the session takes place. Less than 24 hours notice, a charge of one full session will be incurred.  





Hi, as you are visiting Winnie’s web page, I do hope you will find the information shared here being helpful to you.  Although I am unsure the reasons you arrive on this site, if you are experiencing some psychological issues related to work, relationship, or general things in life, and could not find the information you need from here, please do not hesitate to contact me at 852-6624 6229.





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